The recipe for buying a good phone is outrageously simple: you take the top model and you don’t blow your mind. As shown in our ROG Phone 5 benchmark, this is a great approach, it works 100%. There is only one problem: you need a lot of money, from 60 thousand commercials. But I want to find a phone that will cost much cheaper - at least 30-35 thousand - and will offer no less than the flagship. “Not less” is a hefty bright screen, a full day of battery life, at least one really high-quality camera, and, of course, the ability to play normally. Design, materials, 5G, and benchmark records are the tenth thing.

After studying various proposals, I went to the Galaxy A72. It meets all the requirements on paper: it is praised in reviews and is called almost the best Android for its money. How it really is - now I'll tell you. I spent a little more than a month and a half with the device and got enough impressions.

Appearance, screen, control

I will keep silent about the package bundle: I requested a sample directly from Samsung, and it arrived in a bag. In theory, everything should be in a neat box and equipped with a 25 W charger and a USB Type-C cable about a meter long.

The Galaxy A72 looks like an ordinary modern phone. A rectangle, Gorilla Glass on the screen, a proprietary film that starts to bubble in two to three weeks, and a camera block protruding from the back. The material is plastic combined with glass: the entire body, the back panel, and even a shiny metal edging are made of it. The latter, by the way, either sits on glue, or is simply pressed against the body, but in any case, it walks slightly - literally by a fraction of a millimeter, but it is felt.

However, this is the only flaw in the assembly: the rest of the body is more than sturdy, does not scratch, easily wipes, is not afraid of fingerprints, and fits well in the hand. Of course, you have to get used to the dimensions: with a screen of 6.7 inches, the length of the device reaches 16.5 cm, and the width is 7.7 cm, but after a week I was quite comfortable with not the largest hand, and after two I stopped noticing at all sizes.

Personal experience: a month and a half with the Samsung Galaxy A72.  Review and impressions of the "almost flagship"

Since I have already touched the screen, I will go straight to it. There is an AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 1080x2400, which is more than enough to not notice individual pixels. Plus, the display keeps a frequency of 90 Hz, and this is already noticeable even in everyday life: pages scroll with unusual smoothness. But I still have questions about the work of the screen.

First, the color rendition is a little confusing. I have always associated AMOLED with bright, almost neon shades, but here the balance is set as on IPS. From my point of view, this is even good (eyes strain much less), but still a little strange. And secondly, the brightness: in all profile reviews it is fiercely praised, but for what - I still do not understand. Offhand, there are 400 candelas here, and they are only enough to work indoors or in cloudy weather. The panel "fades" in the sun, and you need to strain hard to see something.

As for the external harness, there is complete order. Above is a slot for two SIM cards and microSD. The latter, however, is combined: to put both the second SIM and the memory card at once will not work. On the right side are the power keys and the volume rocker. The latter is located too high: at least my thumb is not long enough to reach with a normal grip.

And at the bottom, there are USB Type-C and a 3.5 mm jack. Surprisingly, with so many holes, the phone was not afraid to issue an IP67 certificate. In other words, it's not scary to drop it in the toilet or get caught in the rain with it. And this is commendable - not every flagship gets it. Unfortunately, the A72 cannot charge by air. It's a shame, but a small loss.

Personal experience: a month and a half with the Samsung Galaxy A72.  Review and impressions of the "almost flagship"

By the way of blocking, there are all modern technologies: there is a fingerprint scanner under the screen, and the camera can recognize you by sight. All this really works, but the speed and clarity are not impressive. The camera requires good lighting, and the fingerprint sensor can be triggered from the third or fourth time. Personally, I held out with such clarity for a couple of hours, after which I returned to the usual PIN and a well-configured Smart Lock system, which turns off the block at home. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to use the phone without a password. The fact is that the screen is often unlocked in the pocket, and the device begins to live its own life without the knowledge of the owner.

The sound is incomplete in order. Calls do not let me down: I can hear normally, and they do not complain about my voice. What surprises me here is that the earpiece is also one of the main emitters. As a rule, the voice of the interlocutors on them sounds so-so, but in the Galaxy A72, it is more than normal. The second speaker is located here on the lower edge and, in general, provides quite high-quality and, most importantly, loud stereo. As for the 3.5 mm jack, the DAC is no-frills: no problem, but its limit is 32 ohms. However, for those who abandoned wires a long time ago, there is Bluetooth version 5 with support for AptX, Qualcomm TrueWireless Technology, and even LDAC. For the rest of the wireless technologies: there is a radio, WiFi 5, 4G, and NFC with payment support.

Personal experience: a month and a half with the Samsung Galaxy A72.  Review and impressions of the "almost flagship"

Iron and performance

Now to the gland. It is clear that with such a price we are not talking about a top-end chip. Inside there is a Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G: two Kryo 465 Gold cores at 2.3 GHz and six Kryo 465 Silver at 1.8 GHz. Responsible for the graphics Adreno 618 with support for HDR10 and all more or less popular codecs. In terms of equipment, the stone is also in order: here and WiFi up to the sixth version (in the case of the A72, there is the fifth), and support for cameras up to 192 megapixels, and video recording in 4K at 30 fps.

The phone can be found in two variations according to the memory kit. 6 or 8 GB of RAM, as well as 128/256 GB of permanent memory. The price difference is exactly 4000 rubles, that is, almost 10%. And this is not so much if you remember how much Apple charges for such maneuvers. By the way, we had a younger version.

Personal experience: a month and a half with the Samsung Galaxy A72.  Review and impressions of the "almost flagship"

In terms of bare numbers, the performance of the A72 is quite average. 3Dmark Wild Life - 1588 points against almost 6000 for top chips. GeekBench shows 1459 points. In Genshin Impact at "low" settings, an average of 23 fps comes out with rather serious dips by 0.1%. In PUBG at "high" it turns out 30 fps without noticeable failures. In: Atom RPG - 25 fps at "low" preset.

In other words, you can play this device, but you need to be prepared for slowdowns in serious games; typical mobile phones toss and turn without problems. There are no particular complaints about the system either. Android is vigorous, and even after a month and a half, having crammed memory to the eyeballs and installed a bunch of applications, I cannot complain about the speed.

Yes, sometimes the device "dulls", especially if it warms up properly. Once or twice in all the time, I had to reboot the phone due to errors on the screen and on the sound. But in general, this does not affect the overall impression: in everyday life, the phone is fast enough and at the same time holds a charge normally. As I met in some reviews, three days is not even insight, but a full day without charging is a reality. Naturally, this is without games, but with active Internet surfing, audiobooks for 3-4 hours, and a couple of hours of the navigator. As for me, more than an adequate result. Some phones with me in this mode could not stand half a day.

Personal experience: a month and a half with the Samsung Galaxy A72.  Review and impressions of the "almost flagship"

Well, the last thing I'll tell you about is the cameras. Here the impressions are rather mixed. There are as many as five modules: one front and four on the back. It seems to sound attractive, especially since there is a "shirk", and a telephoto lens with a 3x zoom, and even a "macro" on the back. The problem is that only the main module in 64-megapixel mode and "shirk" is removed well here - everyone else simply lacks clarity, and flaws are visible even on the screen of the phone itself. However, again, the main camera clicks very well. Of course, it does not reach the flagships, but I have no serious complaints either, and neither for daytime nor night shooting. The only thing is that the shooting speed in the 64-megapixel mode is lame. If you did not catch the moment from the first frame, the second will have to wait a couple of seconds, which is sometimes already critical.


Let me summarize. In general, the Galaxy A72 is a really good phone, but the title of "almost flagship", which is now actively awarded to it, is very far away. There is a dim screen, and, I would say, "decorative" additional cameras, and problems with unlocking sensors, and a significant lack of performance in games. But as to the phone for every day for the Internet, social networks, YouTube, navigator, music, audiobooks, and photos "no claims" I have no questions for him. The device is really strong, and in a month and a half, it proved both its reliability and resistance to the dominance of software in memory. But this is not the end of my search. Shortly, another device for ~ 30,000 rubles will arrive for tests, but this time from Xiaomi.


Processor : Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G Video
core : Qualcomm Adreno 618 OS
version : Android 11 (One UI 3.1) Display : 6.7 inches, Super AMOLED, 90 Hz, 1 ms, 800 cd / m2
Glass : Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Variants subsystem memory : 6/128, 8/256 GB
Chambers 64 Mn F1.8, 1 / 1.7 "(Main); 8 MP, F2.4 (Tele 3x); 12 MP, F2.2, 123 (UltraWide); 5 MP, F2.4 (Macro); 32 MP, F2.2, 26 mm (front)
Networks : WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, NFC,
Connectors : USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack
Battery : 5000 mAh
Dimensions : 16.6x7, 7x0.84 cm
Weight : 203 g.
Price for August 2021 : from $ 445

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