With the Los Santos Tuners update, Grand Theft Auto Online has a reputation system. By raising its level, you can get access to new cars, race modes, clothes, discounts on vehicles. The maximum indicator is 1000, while the 250th is already considered a soft cap. After reaching this threshold, you will only receive new clothes.

The add-on offers players many activities, but not all of them will improve your reputation, so we will list those that will give you the desired points. The process will still not be very fast (frankly, you will have to grind a lot), but at least you will not waste time on useless activities.

Visit LS Car Meet often

Every day for visiting the hub of tuning lovers, the game will reward you with reputation points. The more days in a row you enter, the more points you will receive:

  • for 7 days in a row - 100 points;
  • for 14 consecutive days - 250 points;
  • for 30 consecutive days - 500 points.

In general, spend more time in the family's home. For every 4 minutes there you will receive 10 reputation points. You can simply park in AFK mode while you sleep or go about your business.

Take a test drive

LS Car Meet allows players to test cars. For a short trip in a certain car (every day these are different cars), you can get additional reputation points.

You can do this every day. At the same time, you will also try out new machines in action.

Buy clothes

As soon as you unlock a new item of clothing, immediately buy it - this way you will receive an increase in reputation (125 points).

In addition, if you are wearing themed items while hanging out in the Tuner Hub, you will receive twice as much reputation for being there (that is, 20 points for every 4 minutes).

Engage in tuning

For customizing your swallow, you will receive 125 reputation points. You can do this trick twice a day.

Take part in races

Clothing and loyalty are good, but nothing improves a rider's reputation like racing. In other words, the more you race, the more points you earn.

Players can participate in sprints, chases and street races many times . For one participation in the last two races, you will receive 125 reputation points, and a victory will add more points on top. But remember that the amount of reputation you get depends on the number of participants:

  • for winning a street race with 5 or more riders - 80 points;
  • for winning the pursuit with 9 or more riders - 100 points.

One-on-one races and 4-player fights are also good for grinding. At the same time, the advantage of one-on-one races is that they do not last long. In general, go through races of different types one after another (while the cooldown time expires) and make sure that there are at least 4 participants in the mass races.

Have you found another way to earn reputation points that is more effective? Share with us in the comments!

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