How to find all the robots in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

In Ratchet & Clank: Across the worlds, there are quite a few different weapons , but there is no doubt that the best of them is RYNO 8. This cannon not only effectively fights against enemies, but also amuses the player.

For such fun you will have to pay a considerable price, namely, collect all 10 robotic spies scattered across the 9 planets presented in the game. Some of them can be collected during the passage of the story, some - only after (if you click "Continue" in the main menu after the finale, the game will simply start before the point of no return).  


To get this robo-spy, complete the Inspect the Factory side-effect. Entering this very plant, go straight to the end of the room, in which boxes rise and disappear behind the bars. You need to jump on these boxes - this way you will get to the balcony.

From there, just go forward, dealing with enemies. At the end of this part of the level, you will find your first robotic spy.


To open access to this robotic spy, complete the story mission on the third planet.

When you return to Sargassa, you will be able to get the additional task "Help Trudy". After you complete this quest, zurpstones will be marked on the map. Collect all 60, and you can exchange them for a robotic spy.

Please note that you will not be able to clear the map right away. You can only get to some of the zurpstones by flying to Trudy and a special attack - for this you have to collect first 30 and then 45 stones, respectively.


You can find this robotic spy in the northeast of this location, in a cave with a pirate ship. The entrance to the cave is easy to find - be guided by the blue lights. Follow them until you come across a ship.

The required item will be right at the bow of the ship, illuminated by light. Be prepared to be attacked when you pick up an item.

Blizar Prime

Complete the mission "Find the Lost Chef." The quest itself is located in the northeast of the planet. When you complete the task, the character will give you another robotic spy.


It won't be difficult to get the fifth robo-spy either. As soon as you land on this planet, go forward along the shopping street. When you run into an abyss, jump over it with the help of a hook and move along the magnetic path on the right (it is located in front of Mrs. Zurkon's store).

The robot spy can be picked up in the cave next to the Raritanium crates.

Skarstu wreckage field

In this area, you can find two robotic spies at once. True, this cannot be done from the first visit. It is better to return when you have completed the storyline campaign.

When you return to Skarsta after completing the main storyline, a new category of arena challenges will open in Zurka's bar. In order to get a robotic spy, you will have to pass the "Pokatushki" test.

You can get the second robot when you unlock the yellow platform hook. Use this hook to the right of the purple portal to enter Zurki's bar, and you will be transported to the desired location.


You can find the eighth robotic spy in the forge where the Portal cannon was made. If you return to this level, a teleporter will lead you to this place, which is located right next to the ship.

The robot spy is located directly above the entrance to the room. A yellow portal will help you to get to it. If there is a raritanium warehouse in the right place, then you are in the wrong dimension.


Follow the path to the right of Mrs. Zurkon's shop, which is in the center of the location. You can get to the shop through the portal, which will be right next to your ship after you go through the story on this planet.

Use the grappling hook to land on the pirate ship. There will be an elevator to the left of it, and above it there are two platforms. After them, move to the northeast, there will be a sandy island. You just can't get there, because the bridge is destroyed. To get over, speed up well with your jet boots.

The robot spy will be at the very end of the location, not far from the teleport.


The last robotic spy can be found almost at the very beginning of the level, when you need to make your way through the ventilation. Turn right twice and you will come to an air vent. Break it, and you will find yourself in the room where your target will be.

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