Hitman 3 kicked off the season entitled "Lust» (Lust). This is the fourth of the planned seven, the names of which are given in honor of deadly sins. In addition to new weapons and events, the game has a single-level escalation - "The Lust Assignation".

Almost every element possible for randomization in this task is determined randomly, therefore it is impossible to compose a guide on the perfect passage. In this regard, we offer you just tips that will help you complete the main (rather peaceful this time) and additional goal.

What do we have to do? Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Find three clues. Choose keys and clues that are located near the ballroom. Most of the nearby clues can be accessed through the vents that are next to the DJ booth.

Step 2. Identify the fan. To do this, use the hints and observe the target.

Step 3. Present the bouquet. When you are sure that there is a fan in front of you, hand over a bouquet (you can take it from the pedestal to the left of the customer). 

The bouquet is not available at the very beginning of the mission.  It appears on the pedestal when you collect three clues.

The bouquet is not available at the very beginning of the mission. It appears on the pedestal when you collect three clues.

Step 4. Leave the escalation or complete the side mission.

Random items: target and safes

Clues are found in safes that are scattered throughout the map. Unfortunately, their location is randomly determined each time a mission is launched, as is the fan's identity. The safes will be marked on your card with blue question mark icons. 

Guide: How to complete the task "Lust" in Hitman 3

The vaults themselves can be opened with keys or explosives (more on them later). Most importantly, when using the key, take care to distract the guard for a while while you dig into the safe and leave the scene.

Unchanged elements: keys and new weapons

The good news is that even though key elements of the mission are generated randomly, keys and weapons are always in the same places. Moreover, the special weapon that appeared with this update will very well help you get keys and hints.

First - Crossbow "Snake language» ( of The du Serpent's a reply Tongue). There are several such weapons on the map. If you already have a crossbow, then when you pick up the next one, you will receive +2 bolts in ammunition. You can pick up a crossbow not far from the place where Lust (customer) is located. 

The peculiarity of the crossbow is the blinding of the enemy (for this you need to shoot in the face). After that, the character will not see you for a few seconds. An excellent tool in case you need to sneak into a point near which the sentry is constantly located.

Guide: How to complete the task "Lust" in Hitman 3

The second novelty - remote explosive weapon "Snake Bite» ( of The du Serpent's Bite). Everything is simple here: you throw a charge, and it sticks to the place where it gets. If you hit the NPC, then from the hit of the charge it will fall. It is best to use this weapon to open safes. Of course, this should be done with great care, because the sound of the explosion will attract the guards.

What the clues mean

The clues you receive will not directly point you to the target - you have to solve the riddle and choose the right person. In total, you can collect 6 love letters, but in fact, only three are enough to accurately identify the fan.

To make it easier, we provide a translation from a prompting into Russian.

Hint 1

A veil of smoke… - the target is smoking.

It's cloudless air… - the target doesn't smoke.

Hint 2

Through which I dance ... - the target dances (this significantly narrows the range of searches, because only three characters are dancing).

Wherein I stand ... - the target is not dancing.

Hint 3

The third clue will be related to the drink the target is drinking (for example, With my champagne, ). Just take a closer look at the characters' glass.

Below are a few of the fan options and their corresponding hint combinations.

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