Gardening in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact 2.0 update introduces the ability to grow plants that previously could only be harvested in the open world, a new mechanic available in the Teapot of Serenity.

How to start gardening at Genshin Impact

To gain access to this mechanic, you first need to come to Inazuma and get the third level of reputation there. Immediately after that, the world quest "The Art of Gardening" will become available to you. As a reward for completing this quest, you will receive a chest of seeds.

Where to get seeds and fields

The chest works like a gadget that can be put on the characters (like a personal fairy or a ration with food). If you wear it, then when collecting plants, in addition to the plant itself, you will also receive its seed at the same time.

Guide: Gardening in Genshin Impact

Alternatively, the seeds can be purchased. They are located in the Monastery's Treasury in the tab "Creatures of the Monastery". To open this shop, speak with Chubby, the Kettle of Serenity's butler.

The seed beds can be found in the same place, in the Treasury of the monastery, in the section "The wealth of the monastery".

You will have access to three types of plots, on each of which you can grow strictly certain types of plants. Each bed is "lined" into four cells, so that only four seedlings can be planted on it at a time.

Jade field                                             Fertile plot                                     Neat meadow

Radish                                             Wind aster                                         Lily calla

Mint                                             Glaze lily                                         Seaweed

Carrot                                             Glass bells                                     Sea mushroom

Sky-high pepper                                 Naku grass                             Snapdragon

Valyashka                                           Mulberry                                 Lotus cup

Mushroom                                           Qingxin flower                         Ponytail

Sugar flower                                                 Cecilia

Glow grass

How to create a gardening field

The acquired plot can be placed on the ground in the mode of managing your abode:

Go to the object placement menu.

Open the "Landscape" tab and select the section where the garden plots are located (the icon with four cells).

Select a parcel, place it the way you want, and save your changes.

In the future, the vegetable garden will be displayed as a leaf icon on the mini-map.

How to plant plants

Everything is simple here. First, make sure you have seeds in your pocket. Second, go to the field and select how many and what kind of plants you want to plant.

To find out when the harvest is ripe, come close to the seedling - usually 69 hours pass from planting to ripening, or almost three days. You need to collect plants by hand, so do not forget to visit the garden in time. After harvesting, you can sow the field with something else.

Guide: Gardening in Genshin Impact

If you suddenly change your mind and decide to plant something else where the sprout is already sticking out, you can pull it out and replace the plant in the cell with another. But keep in mind that then you will lose the already used seeds. The game will ask for confirmation just in case.

Why do gardening

In general, this is not a very fast, but a reliable way of obtaining resources and curiosities. It is best to plan in advance what kind of plant you need, put several beds and sow them with it.

For example, picking naku grass in Inazuma is troublesome, so if you don't want to hunt for it on the map, you can just grow it by your side, albeit slowly. Actually, the plants you need to elevate the characters are the first and most obvious candidates for planting.

In addition, if you are fond of cooking, but you are tired of looking for rare ingredients (for example, sky-high pepper or ponytail), then they can be planted in your garden.

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