Where to Find and Use Red Access Cards in Rust

The best equipment in Rust spawns in elite crates, which in turn lie behind red doors. Detailed instructions on opening such doors to quickly get hold of cool loot are in our guide.

Where can I get red key cards?

Red access cards are on the tables behind blue doors. We wrote about where to find them and how to open them in the previous guide (section "Where to use blue access cards?").

Where to use red access cards?

You will need an electrical fuse to solve the puzzles. You can find it in boxes and sunken chests with a 14% chance.


To pass you will need:
  • two fuses;
  • green key card;
  • red key card;
  • anti-radiation suit;
  • bandages;
  • water.
The main building in this location is highly radioactive and even an anti-radiation suit penetrates. Therefore, it is worth stocking up on water and bandages. In addition, a hostile armored personnel carrier Bradley is driving around the location. If you want to survive, just stay out of his sight.
To solve the puzzle, you must first enter the blue two-story building with the inscription "D11".
Open the door with the green card, place the fuse in the fuse box and press the switch.
  1. Next, move to the building marked with the number 2 and go through the door next to two blue containers. Insert the fuse inside and turn on the breaker. If all three lights are green, everything is going according to plan.
  2. Now enter the main building through any entrance. Use the red keycard.
  3. Take your loot and do not forget to climb to the roof - there are 3 elite crates there. There are many ways to get there, choose the most convenient for you.
  4. When you're done, head down to the first floor and find a door that says "Auxilary Power" above it. It is located in the corner on the right side behind the rocket.
  5. Go inside, press the switch and move to any exit. If you do not turn on the switch, then the doors simply will not open.

Military tunnels

To pass you will need:
  • fuse;
  • green key card;
  • blue key card;
  • red key card;
  • weapons;
  • bandages;
  • minimum 25 radiation protection.
There is not very much radiation inside the tunnels, but behind the red door and at the exit, its level rises sharply, so you should take an anti-radiation suit with you.
Also, the tunnels are guarded by a large number of scientific bots, which should be dealt with before starting to solve the puzzle. Otherwise, you risk not being on time.
  1. At the entrance, go through the right door, turn right and go straight until you see a door with the words "Armory" on the right side.
  2. Go inside, deal with the scientist and go into the right door. There insert the fuse and click on the timer.
  3. Exit back through the door marked "Armory", turn left, and head straight through the tunnel until you come across a large rocket marked "Cobalt".
  4. Jump onto the rail for the rocket and climb through the hole in the fence.
  5. Go inside, kill the NPC and go into the room on the right. Click on the switch and exit back through the same hermetic door.
  6. Turn left and head straight until you see a sandbag barricade and a container behind them. 
  7. Go to the container. There will be several elite crates there. Go through it and go straight until you see another container on the right side.
  8. Go through it, go up the stairs. On the right, you will see a blue door labeled "Laboratory".
  9. Open it with a blue keycard, go forward and deal with the bot. Next, click on the timer next to the hermetic door and then open it with a red pass.
  10. There will be 4 scientists behind the red door. After you kill everyone, go to the room to the left of the entrance. There are elite and military boxes.
  11. When you are locked up, go to the room to the right of the entrance and click on the button next to the hermetic door. There will be 2 more opponents in the next room.
  12. Turn right, open another door, deal with the last two bots. The exit is in front of you.
  13. You can walk up the stairs or climb the stairs, but you will not be able to shoot while going up in the second case.

That's all. Now you know how to quickly acquire cool loot using red access cards. We wish you the best in applying this knowledge!

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