Where to Find and Use Green Key Cards in Rust

If you want to get some good gear when you start playing Rust, check out the green access cards. Behind the doors of the corresponding color, you will find loot and blue key cards, which will allow you to get even better equipment.

Where can I get green cards?

They can be knocked out of scientist bots that walk near roads and spawn on cargo ships with a 24% chance. At the same time, the chance of dropping from scientific bots that appear in military tunnels is 36%.

The following are the locations marked on the map where you can be guaranteed to find a green key card.
Go through the main entrance, break down the plank barricade on the right door and go to the office. The pass will be on the table.
Go up the trail to the right of the satellite dish. Go to the recycler. Continue down the road until you reach a container labeled "D2". Go inside and take the card.
Climb the steps to the lighthouse until you see a fence made of boards. Break it down and follow the first door on the right. Take the pass from the table.
Go through the main entrance, go behind the counter and break the boards. Enter the office and take the card.
Abandoned huts
Approach the building with the inscription "Danger", proceed to the wooden barrier on the right side of the building. Break it and go inside to the table with a pass.

Where to use green access cards?

In all places where the green keycard can be used, you will also need an electrical fuse. You can find it in boxes and sunken chests with a 14% chance.
Small port
  • Find the two-story building marked "D11" on the first floor, go inside.
  • Insert the fuse into the box and flip the switch.
  • Exit the building, find the stairs, and go up to the second floor. Swipe the keycard across the terminal to open the door. There are loot boxes inside, and a blue key card will lie on the table.
Big port
  • Find the container labeled "D2" and go inside.
  • Insert the fuse, exit the building and switch the circuit breaker next to the "D2" sign.
  • Turn around and go under the hangar roof to the building with the green code door. Open it and take inside the blue pass and loot from the boxes.
Satellite antenna
  • Find a rusty building next to a satellite dish and a ramp.
  • Insert the fuse inside, go outside, find the switch and turn it on.
  • Walk past the structure to the red pipe. Go into the gap and keep going to the end. Turn left at the intersection.
  • When you go outside, you will see on the right another rusty container with a green door. There will be a blue keycard and loot inside.
Sewer branch
  • Find a red building with a wooden barricade instead of a door.
  • Make your way inside, insert the fuse into the box, and switch the switch at the far end of the room.
  • Go outside, turn left, and go through the broken fence. There will be a descent into the sewer on the left. Walk down the pipe until you come across a code door.
  • After the door, turn right, walk to the end of the corridor and turn left.
  • In the next room, walk along the right wall to the ramp that leads to the landing in the center of the room. There will be a blue pass on the table.
We will tell you were to use blue access cards in the next guide.

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