The best weapon in Biomutant

Biomutant puts a lot of emphasis on weapon crafting . However, it is not at all necessary to plunge headlong into this activity in order to get cool weapons - you can simply find a lot of interesting devices for destroying enemies. In our selection, we present 10 of the most interesting of them.

Pri murgel sword

We go with the trump cards, that is, with the best melee weapon. By itself, this sword already has impressive indicators of damage, but thanks to the two slots for improvements, it can be made even more deadly (and at the same time, you can get an achievement for a 7-star weapon).
How to get it: Complete the side quest to the east of the Domp Outpost on the island with the lighthouse. To get the task, you need to climb to the top of the structure and interact with the light source. The task itself will only appear if you have a Googlide. It can be obtained as part of the passage of the main story.

Srik Gongmace

Another melee weapon, this time for those who prefer the mace. Allows you to inflict colossal ice damage, and at the same time knocks down small enemies.
How to get it: Found in one of the Old World Vaults in Chudgepot. There you will need to break the wall with a glove and defeat a strong opponent.

Ankati bow

The best tribal weapon available in the game. It boasts not only decent damage, but also a high reload speed and good firing range.
How to get it: you have to try, because for this you need to defeat the Ankati tribe. The weapon itself can be found in the tribe's fortress.

Hyprozapper ozarhypro

A cannon with which you can easily go through the rest of the game. Able to penetrate armor (base damage increases depending on how far the enemy is). In addition, it adds +20 additional damage from radiation.
How to get: Found in one of the Old World Vaults located in Sludgegush Fields (key can be dropped from nearby boss).

Blaze gloves

An excellent choice for those who prefer to rush into combat barehanded. Well, almost. They have a high attack speed and additional fire damage.
How to get it: complete the Boom side-by-side by following the markers on the map.

Contagion flurpskruckis

The best pistol in the game. Capable of dealing an impressive 521 damage per shot. In addition, enemies also receive biological damage. And if this seemed not enough to you, then every fourth shot fires a homing missile.
How to get it: Found in one of the Old World Vaults, which is in the Fume Foundry (the key can be knocked out from the boss nearby).

Scatterskrek Lukspewbor

The most powerful (and avant-garde) shotgun in Biomutant. Very accurate and punchy, it boasts a good reload speed.
How to get it: Complete a side quest from Click. As a result, you will receive a key from Bangshelter 5D. It is there that you will find the weapon.

Knok umph

A powerful ax that, in addition to base damage, hits enemies with fire. Additional effect - 12% to crit. In addition, kills made with this weapon restore health (healing depends on the damage dealt).
How to get it: Found in one of the Old World Vaults, which is in the Sparkplant (the key can be knocked out from the boss nearby).

Sparkatron Hypicskromp

The best rifle in the game. In addition to impressive indicators of basic and elemetric damage, it boasts a special additional effect - with each shot, the rate of fire will increase to the last bullet in the store.
How to get it: Found in one of the Old World Vaults in Suburbia (key can be dropped from a nearby boss).

Carrothandle Infected Carrot

A good choice for those who like Smasher weapons. Deals 125 points of additional biological damage and has a 9% critical chance.
How to get: complete the quest of the hare, which asks you to find his carrot in the radioactive zone (location Glurp Paddock). Remember to bring a protective suit. You will receive a carrot when you turn in a completed quest.
Of course, this is not a complete list of the best weapons in the game. Maybe your loved one didn't even get into it. If so, be sure to share with us in the comments!

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