Scarlet Nexus Review.

Judging by the trailers, the Scarlet Nexus gives the impression of a concentrated, even cranberry-like "Japanese" feel. It's like the developers took all the stereotypes about anime and made them absolute. Here you can find paramilitary special forces of children, androgynous guys, and monsters that look like a chaotic mixture of random objects - for example, a fire hydrant, a horse and a ficus tree. Well, miniature kawaii chan with huge swords and chainsaws in their hands, where can we go without them? Just before the release, the first episode of the Scarlet Nexus anime was released - and damn it, the same story! In the plot, one can notice a roll call with a bunch of famous TV series - from "Evangelion" and " God Eaters " to " Attack of the Titans.". To be honest, this did not inspire optimism. Usually, when the entire advertising campaign of a game can be summed up with the phrase “somewhere I've already seen all this,” the audience will almost certainly have a second pass at the exit.

But not at this time. The developers at Bandai Namco turned out to be full of good ideas of their own, which the Scarlet Nexus pleases with until the end credits.


Scarlet Nexus is set in a 2020 alternate reality. Two thousand years ago, humanity was almost destroyed by the Others - aggressive, ugly creatures that devour human brains. Then the invasion was stopped, but since then the Extinction Belt remained over the planet - a new layer of the atmosphere, endlessly giving rise to mutants. The anomaly does not stand still, and where it passes, Others appear every time, devastating everything in their path.
It is almost impossible to cope with monsters with ordinary weapons, many of them have superpowers that give an advantage over brute force. To protect themselves, humanity began training psionic soldiers. In the Scarlet Nexus universe, almost everyone is born with one or another ability, but only a few can control really impressive forces like telepathy, super speed and pyrokinesis. Such from childhood are sought, trained and enrolled in the OPI - the Suppression of Others: paranormal special forces, quickly reacting to any dangerous approach of mutants to cities. However, most of the operatives cannot boast of the appearance of seasoned fighters: with age, the psionic forces weaken, and therefore mainly children are recruited into the squad. And even those are obliged to take anti-aging drugs.
Before starting the game, you need to decide on the protagonist, of whom there are two in Scarlet Nexus: the selfless guy Yuito Sumeragi and the laconic excellent student of combat training Kasane Randall. The plot, regardless of the character, remains (in general terms) unchanged, but the view of the characters on specific events will differ significantly. During the same incident, they can be in different places, receive different information and draw different conclusions.
The plot was twisted by the Japanese conscientiously - perhaps, in some places, even too much. The story is deliberately "twist": it is directly felt that the authors wanted to create surprise at every turn. True, the effect turned out to be the opposite. With this approach, you understand in advance that there will be another “this is a turn!”, And therefore you are not at all surprised. In addition, every time a new twist appears, it is followed by several questions from the past, which have not been properly answered. Therefore, to look at history from different points of view and sort everything out on the shelves, you need to go through the campaign twice, for both heroes. Everything seems to be according to the precepts of Taro Yoko - at least start a little notebook, write it down bit by bit, and then assemble the mosaic into a whole picture.

In the footsteps of NieR: Automata

That's really something, but to borrow a good concept from other games and work on it, Bandai Namco is not at all averse. If Code Vein the studio's previous project in the anime style - took as a basis Dark Souls , then this time the developers were clearly inspired by NieR: Automata... The similarity can be seen even in the smallest details: a fast sprint after a dash, the same dodges, the same ease of movement in combat, combinations of blows, attacks in the air ... Unless Scarlet Nexus is not trying to drag out the timing by wandering around the open world. Locations are built as austerely as possible and serve three purposes - to run forward, hack enemies and throw all kinds of rubbish at monsters. The main array of levels is extremely linear, narrow paths; paths can branch and consist of several floors, but there is always only one correct path - incorrect turns after a couple of meters run into a solid wall or cliff. However, such a level structure is perceived as a serious drawback only in a couple of places such as a motorway. The paths there are so narrow that it seems to be hard to breathe deeply, and even more so freely to practice combat acrobatics.
Enemy design is another story. Some monsters look clumsy and do not inspire any threat at all - why can a bouquet of flowers on legs be dangerous? Considering that in the plot the Others literally eat human brains, the question arises of how exactly the bloodthirsty bouquet succeeds. But the other part of the monsters came out really spectacular. The mannequins in the hospital look even creepy and with convulsive movements make you remember Silent Hill (only in Scarlet Nexus there was no sexual connotation ... it seems). Another with the strange name "Double Gift" and red snakes growing out of his head, resembles the card guards from Alice: Madness Returns... Well, the second boss in the form of an anthropomorphic cathedral does not look like anything at all - it looks simply powerful and will be remembered, I am sure, for a long time.

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