How to find all the diaries in Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate's Life

A total of 10 Diaries can be found in A Pirate's Life  for Sea of ​​Thieves . They are divided into two sets depending on their author: the first belonged to the Damned Captain, the second to Captain Keith Capsize. For collecting the first set you will receive the achievement "Story of the Damned", for collecting the second - "Team" Headless Monkey ".

The Cursed Captain's Diaries

"Unique catch"

This diary can be found on the upper deck of the Last Stand in the southern part of the location. Focus on the sign on the ship. On the deck itself, look for a table with a candle - its warm light stands out well against the dim landscape.

"At the End of the Earth"

Next to the Last Frontier tavern there is a sunken ship with a gambling hall. This is where the second diary will be. The entrance to the local casino is at the rear of the ship.

"Disagreement in the ranks"

The third diary is waiting for the player in the ship, which fell apart in half. To get there, head north from the Cursed Captain's cage. If you find a wooden road - that's right, go along it. Look for the door in front of the ship. Your trophy will be on the bedside table.

"Strange but familiar"

The fourth diary is located inside the lighthouse. You can get inside only after you free the Cursed Captain and lead him to the bridge that is located near the building.

We'll have to climb to the top of the lighthouse. There will be an inconspicuous bookshelf on which the desired item is hidden.

"Put out the lights"

This diary can be found on the Cursed Captain's ship. Finding it is easy - be guided by the red sails with skulls and crossed blades. The path there opens only after summoning the Ferryman from the lighthouse. Having summoned, carry the skull of the captain north of the lighthouse (to the place where his ship wrecked).

When put the skull next to the remains by the door. The diary is waiting for you in the captain's cabin on a shelf with books.

How to get to the "Headless Monkey"

The diaries from the second set are on Captain Keith Capsize's ship. The problem is that you can only get on the ship during a side quest. Before you can access it, you have to complete five small tasks. Moreover, these tasks must be completed during one game session. Next, we will briefly describe what needs to be done to gain access to the ship.

In the pub, about which we have already written, find a white candle and a map. Light a candle with a lantern. After the cut-scene, a cross will appear on the map. Arriving at the marked place, you will find a small hill of earth and a trail leading to the southern docks. Follow it and you will find yourself in the shelter under the pier. Dig out the ground with a shovel. Next, light the lantern to revive the Tornado Dagi.

After the pirate gives the task to find the stolen chest, go to the ship split in two. In the room with the corpse, open the curtains on the window that is by the bed. Look into it - there you will see torches. Climb the stairs and go to the torches on the right. In this case, on the way you need to light all the lamps. When done, move the hand of the skeleton with the magnifying glass. Looking into it, you will see where the treasure is.

The treasure itself will be at the entrance to the bar. Take it to the Wretched Woman. He will give you the key to him. Open the chest and take the medallion from there.

Rum is needed for the next assignment. Go to the location where the pulley was used, which changed the position of the two platforms. There will be a hole in the rock - place a pad next to it. This is the place where you will find the pirates' favorite drink.

Now head to the gambling hall near the pub. There you have to win a chess game. To do this, light a candle and pour the rum into circles. Next, use the medallion to start the game. Place the captain's skull in place of the exploded dead man (he will play for you). After that, take the key from the table.

Return to the place with two platforms. Find the closed door, use the key and take the reward.

When you do, you will see the light of the lighthouse. You need to turn its beam so that it looks to the north.

Next, light the bowl to the right of the ship with red sails. This will open up a bridge with which you can finally get to the northern part of the location. There will be "Headless Monkey".

The Headless Monkey Diaries

"Somewhere in the Caribbean"

Look for the first diary at the helm. There you should also look for the key (it will come in handy during the search for the last two parts of the story).

"Raising the Rabid Monkey"

The second is directly opposite the helm, at the base of the destroyed mast.

"Headless monkey"

The third diary awaits the player at the main mast.

"Fateful Pursuit"

This diary will be in the captain's cabin. You can open it with the key that was left near the steering wheel. The required book will be on the table with a map.  

"New waters"

The fifth diary will also be in the captain's cabin. You will find it on the bookshelf.

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