Genshin Impact - Razor. Best builds, weapons, artifacts: Guide

Razor, also known as the boy raised by wolves, will lead your pack and deal with any offenders with ease. For a four-star character, Razor has excellent Physical and Electro damage - and when properly assembled, he will pave your way into endgame.

Razor's strengths and weaknesses


  • Very high physical damage.
  • Combines physical and Electro damage well.
  • Ulta gives a large increase in damage and defense.
  • Perfectly breaks stone and Geo shields due to two-handedness.
  • A long press on the elemental skill is handy for farming ore: hitting the ground breaks all nearby crystals.


  • "Selfish" damage dealer: you have to keep him on the field for a long time because Ulta disappears when switching to another character.
  • A small range of attacks and skills.
  • We need to build the whole group around Razor for his maximum effectiveness.

Razor's abilities

Razor is the main damage dealer, so he, first of all, needs to pump the main attack, then max the ult, and only then does the elemental skill go.

Main Attack - Steel Fang

Normal attack - up to four slashing sword strikes.
Charged Attack - A spinning attack against surrounding enemies that continuously spend stamina. After spinning, makes an additional powerful sword attack.
Falling attack - plummets to the ground, attacking all enemies on the way. After landing, it deals area damage.

Elemental Skill - Thunder and Claws

Quick Tap - Strikes with the claws of a thunder wolf, dealing Electro damage to enemies in front. On a hit, Razor gains the Electro symbol, which increases his energy recovery rate. Razor can have up to 3 Electro symbols simultaneously. Receiving a new Electro icon resets their duration.
Long press - collects Electro energy and causes a thunderstorm in a small area, which deals huge Electro damage, taking away all accumulated Electro symbols. Each symbol taken is converted into energy for Razor.

Elemental Blast (Ulta) - Thunderfang

Awakens the Inner Wolf, which deals Electro damage to all surrounding enemies. Activating the skill takes away all accumulated Electro symbols, converting them into energy for Razor. For the duration of the skill, the wolf fights alongside Razor.
Inner wolf:
  • attacks along with Razor's normal attacks, dealing Electro damage;
  • increases attack speed and Razor's Electro resistance;
  • gives Raisor immunity from damage caused by the Charged status;
  • Razor's charged attacks become unavailable;
  • increases resistance to interruption of Razor's attacks.
Effects end after 15 seconds. or when Razor leaves the field. When Razor leaves the field, the remaining duration of the skill is returned to him in the form of energy. Maximum 10 units of energy.

Passive skills

Awakening - reduces the rollback skill Thunder and claws at 18%, and the use of skill Thunder Fang completely resets its cooldown.
Talent - Razor's energy recovery is increased by 30% when his energy falls below 50%.
Wolfensprint - Reduces the stamina consumption of the active character while sprinting by 20%. Do not stack with passive talents that provide exactly the same effects.

The best constellations for Razor

Razor will be an excellent damage dealer without constellations at all: none of them can be called critical for unlocking his potential. Only a few will get to C6 (and even then it only penetrates once every 10 seconds), and all the previous constellations speak for themselves: each just gives a small increase in damage.
  1. Wolf nature. Selected elemental spheres or particles increase Razor's damage by 10% for 8 sec.
  2. Suppression. Increases crit chance. hits on opponents with HP below 30% by 10%.
  3. Soul mate. Increases the skill level of Thunderfang by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  4. Bite. When hit by a quick press of the Thunder and Claws skill, the enemy's defense is reduced by 15% for 7 sec.
  5. Sharpened claws. Increases the skill level of Thunder and Claws by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  6. The star Sirius. Every 10 sec. Razor's sword is charged with lightning, which is released on the next normal attack and deals Electro damage equal to 100% of Razor's attack power. If Razor is not affected by Thunderfang, each lightning strike on an enemy grants them the Thunder and Claws Electro Skill glyph.

How to play as Razor

Razor is a very selfish character: he takes a lot of time on the battlefield. This is because his ultimate (a very powerful and expensive skill) is reset after switching to another character. Therefore, before Razor's ulta, it is better to switch to each support, activate all skills, and only then return to our wolf boy.
Second important point: the animation of the fourth hit in a series of normal attacks is very long. We need to skip it exactly after the blow reaches the target. There are many ways: for example, dash, press "Yes", ults, jump, switch to another character.
The cycle of normal attacks for Razor is 3 hits and an interruption of a series of attacks. If we are under the influence of the ultimate - 4 hits and interruption. The attack speed is higher under the ultimate, so we can afford to use the fourth, most powerful attack without losing damage per second.
Thunder and ClawsRazor's elemental skill, when quickly pressed, generates an Electro symbol, maximum 3 pieces. When using a charged Eshki, Razor strikes an area around him, converting symbols into 5 units. energy and a 20% energy recovery bonus for each.
During the action of the ultimate, Razor's "eshka" does not generate elemental particles. We recommend that you use Thunder and claws before pressing your ultimateThen immediately press the ult to absorb the elemental particles and recharge the next Elemental Explosion. Also, after the first Ascension, the use of Razer's ult will roll back "eshka", that is, it will be possible to press the combination "eshka-Ulta-Mishka" - this will allow you to immediately get a second stack for the Pale Fire set, but about it below.

The best weapon for Razor

Five Star Swords

Song of Broken Pines - The owner of the highest basic attack in the game among two-handed swords. Gives a bonus to physical. damage and attack power and excellent passive. Hitting with a normal or charged attack grants the Seal of a WhisperAfter receiving the fourth, they disappear, increasing by 12 sec. attack speed by 24% and attack power by 40%. Since under the ultimate Razor can only attack with normal attacks, this bonus comes in handy for him.
Unforged - passively increases the strength of the shield. When hitting an enemy, the sword gives an increase in attack power by 4-8%, which stacks up to 5 times, while under the influence of the shield, this bonus increases by 100%. In total, under the shield, it turns out up to + 80% to attack power.
Wolf's Doom - many players consider him to be the top one for Razor. Serious buff to attack power, as well as up to + 80% to attack power of the entire group for 12 seconds. every 30 sec. when hitting a target with health less than 30%. Requires a lot of crits. chance and crit. damage from artifacts for maximum efficiency.
Celestial majesty is not the best sword for Razor, as it provides energy recovery, but it is still better than any "purple" sword. High base attack and good passive smooth out the main characteristic. Increases damage dealt up to + 16%. Activating the ultimate and hitting with normal or charged attacks launches a blade that deals up to 160% damage to all enemies in its path. Lasts 20 sec. or 8 intangible blades.

Four Star Swords

The Montenegrin Razor is a great sword, but not everyone has currency in the Paimon store, and not everyone wants to spend it. A huge plus in the passive bonus to crit. damage, as well as in passive. After the death of the enemy, it will increase the attack power up to + 24% for 30 seconds, stacks up to 3 times. Because of this, it shows itself worse in battles with bosses.
The Dragonbone Sword is Razor's best four-star sword. Every 4 sec. gives up to + 10% outgoing and + 1.8-3% incoming damage, stacks up to 5 times. When receiving damage, it decreases by one stack. It is not reset when the character dies, and various shields will ensure the safety of Razor's stacks and health. It makes sense to consider the Oncoming Comet set.
Prototype: Archaic - the best option for free-to-play players: free (craft), large basic attack, excellent passive. On hit with a normal or charged attack, there is a 50% chance to deal up to 480% damage in a small radius every 15 sec. Better by all accounts than Snowy Star Silver.
Snowy Star Silver is the subject of many controversies, a crafted sword with a good basic attack and a bonus to physical. damage. Because for maximum passive efficiency the target must be under the Cryo effect, it is much inferior to the Prototype: Archaic swordEven for Cryo characters, it is a controversial option due to constant elemental reactions.

The best artifacts for Razor

There are tons of different options for building artifacts for Razor. Most importantly, remember: always give the main priority to secondary characteristics on the artifacts themselves, because a top set with terrible stats will always be worse than two half-set worse with excellent stats.
Seth Balefire, which was released in patch 1.5, will be a good assistant to Razor in dealing damage. In total, for 4 pieces of the set, you will receive + 50% physical. damage and + 18% attack power with stacks. However, after using a charged Eshki, your stacks will disappear, because its 10-second cooldown is beyond the duration of the buff. It is better not to use a charged "Yeshka" with Pale Fire.
You can dilute the previous version with two pieces of Gladiator or Blood Knight: we get + 25% physical. damage and + 18% attack power ( Palefire + Gladiator ) or + 50% physical. damage ( Pale Fire + Blood Knight ) without any conditions.
The Counter Comet set is suitable for Razor wielding the Uncooled or Dragonbone SwordThe set will increase the strength of the shield by 15%, and under the shield will increase the damage of normal and charged attacks by 40%: a great option if you have all of the above, and ideally also Zhong Li.
There is also a hybrid version for Razor: two pieces of Thunderous Roar of Fury and Pale Fire / Blood Knight setsIncreases Electro damage by 15%, and physical. damage - by 25%.
Suppressing Thunder can also work: the 4-piece bonus will increase all damage against enemies with Electro status by 35%. There is a place to be, tk. Electro status will almost always be on opponents, especially during the action of the ultimate. But when using elemental reactions in a team, it is already less useful, because they will knock down Electro status.
Beginners may want to consider purple sets. You can combine sets for attack power in two pieces: Temporary Determination and Brave SoulOr you can equip Razor with the Warrior setit will increase the damage of normal and charged attacks by 40% in total, but it will have a small window of 2 seconds without a buff from four pieces since the reload time of a charged "eshka" is exactly two seconds longer than the duration of the buff.
The Berserker set, the most accessible at the beginning of the game, will increase the chance of a critical hit by 12%, and if Razor's HP is below 70%, then by another 24%. Convenient in a team with Bennett: he does not heal beyond 70% HP.
  • Hours for% attack power.
  • Cup for bonus nat. damage (you can also consider the% attack power if you are using the Dragonbone Sword, as well as the Electro damage bonus - although it will most likely give less impact).
  • Hat with crit. damage / crit. chance. It is advisable to keep the crit balance. chance and crit. damage 1: 2, that is, for 50% of the crit chance, we need to collect 100% crit. damage.

 Top bonus stats, in order of priority:

  • Crete. damage / crit. chance;
  • % attack;
  • energy recovery (if necessary, if there is not enough to use the ultimate on cooldown).

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