Another E3 has ended - which means it's time to summarize. Fortunately, the virtual format of the exhibition did not affect its level at all: we got no less loud announcements, bright trailers, and explosive news than in the “dock” 2019. In fact, there were so many of them that we had to try, selecting the ten most important games from E3 2021.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

STALKER 2 became a legend long before the official announcement, and after that, it remained a ghost game for a long time without screenshots, videos, and other details. Now the situation is finally getting better: the continuation of the main brainchild of the post-Soviet game dev not only exists but is almost ready for release.
The new gameplay trailer showed a damn beautiful Zone, familiar anomalies, seemingly good shooting, mediocre facial animations based on photogrammetry, and an extremely convincing bloodsucker. Responsible for the atmosphere are stalkers strumming on guitars around campfires, realistic weather, and the native aesthetics of the post-apocalyptic USSR. Everything is just like in 2007 - although now there is still a chance that the new version of life simulation will finally start working normally. It will be possible to go hunting for swag already on April 28, 2022.


Bethesda's big single-player RPGs are always an event. Moreover, the event is very rare: Skyrim, we recall, has been going on for the tenth year, and Fallout 4 is the sixth. It's high time to treat the fans with something new. So the Starfield teaser was a bombshell even without a single shot of actual gameplay.
True, so far nothing is really clear, but Bethesda is Bethesda: we are promised “Skyrim in space”, and “a mixture of NASA and Indiana Jones,” and “Han Solo simulator”. You can safely wait for a large open world, a developed futuristic universe with a detailed chronology, many factions with radically different views on life, the ability to become anyone in a distant, distant galaxy, and, in general, freedom is everything. The release will take place on November 11, 2022. And, to the chagrin of PlayStation fans, exclusive to Xbox Series and PC. Well, at least they promise not to postpone the release date.

Back 4 blood

Top 10 E3 2021 Games Not Just STALKER 2, Battlefield 2042 and Starfield
Back 4 Blood is called "the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead "for a reasonFor fans of Turtle Rock Studios' previous work, everything promises to be familiar: zombies, survivors, asynchronous multiplayer. Moreover, the focus on the online game promises to become so deep that at first there will be no offline campaign in the game at all - even with botsThere will be as many as eight characters to choose from. Each, as usual, has its own chips: for example, the doctor receives a bonus to healing, and the quartermaster provides teammates with additional ammunition. But the main difference from Left 4 Dead is in the system of cards with modifiers, which will be played by both gamers and the "virtual director" - the AI ​​responsible for making everyone have fun.
Back 4 Blood will be released on October 12 on PC and consoles Sony and Microsoft current and previous generations. And already in the first half of August, two waves of beta testing are scheduled: first for those who made a pre-order and then for mere mortals.

Battlefield 2042

The debut trailer for Battlefield 2042 has become one of the best commercials in the history of Electronic ArtsExpensive, beautiful, and full of trademark madness - it makes an immediate desire to play it even among those who cannot stand multiplayer shooters. Just a pilot who catapults from a fighter in the air knocks down another plane from a bazooka, and returns back to the cockpit as if nothing had happened (and this, by the way, is a reference to an old viral video from Battlefield 4 )! But you better see for yourself.
This time, the place of the usual classes was taken by operators in the manner of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but the main essence of the game remained the same. As always, we are waiting for huge maps (naturally, unique and dynamic), a lot of technology (judging by the trailers, in the range from tricycles to space rockets), and clean, uncluttered action as the basis of the gameplay. The main feature should be natural disasters like a hurricane or a sandstorm that can instantly change the balance of power on the battlefield. But the main thing is that it will be possible to fly through the tornado on the wings of a wingsuit on October 22 of this year.

Psychonauts 2

Top 10 E3 2021 Games Not Just STALKER 2, Battlefield 2042 and Starfield
Luckily, E3 isn't all about multiplayer shooters. It's good to know that the largest video game exhibition in the world still has a place for unusual author projects like Psychonauts 2This long-term construction is worse than STALKER 2: Tim Schafer himself claimed that he came up with the plot of the sequel, having barely finished work on the first Psychonauts, that is, 16 years ago. Fortunately, the years seem to have been favorable to the new creation of Double Fine Productions: the game breathes familiar good madness, the graphics look more stylish than outdated, and the gameplay of the classic 3D platformer will not age in 30 years.
Not to say that at E3 something fundamentally new was told about the game, but now we know the release date. Fans will be able to return to the adventures of Rasputin Aquato on August 25th.

Age of empires 4

Another continuation of the legendary series - this time a strategic one. Age of Empires 4 has not been waiting for the first year - and, it seems, not in vain. We are promised a classic RTS, in which it will be possible to choose one of the completely dissimilar nations and lead it to prosperity through the centuries. With fire and sword, of course. The release will allow you to play for one of eight sides, including England, France, Mongolia, China, the Holy Roman Empire, the Delhi Sultanate, the Abbasid Caliphate, and even Moscow Russia. Each nation will receive its own unique bonuses and great personalities like Joan of Arc.
Battles on land and at sea will begin on 28 October.

The outer worlds 2

The first The Outer Worlds proved once again: in Obsidian Entertainment they know how not only to develop other people's but also to invent their own worlds. The Masters of the Second Part created, maybe not the biggest or not the deepest RPG in history, but certainly one of the best games of 2019. She took with a stylish retro-futuristic setting, charming partners, excellent black humor, and good replayability - a real joy for those who are tired of looking at what the main role-playing series of our time degenerate into. As a matter of fact, we know almost nothing about The Outer Worlds 2, except that it will continue the course of its predecessor because so far the developers "have come up with only the name."
Judging by the trailer, the humor here will be at least as good, and the game will offer a new star system and a new crew. The release date of The Outer Worlds 2 is still unknown.

Marvelʼs Guardians of the Galaxy

Top 10 E3 2021 Games Not Just STALKER 2, Battlefield 2042 and Starfield
Studio Eidos Montreal can boast of a good portfolio: Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDeus Ex: Mankind DividedShadow of the Tomb Raider ... But it seems that the suddenly announced Guardians of the Galaxy will be a real breakthrough for them. After all, we are promised no less " Mass Effect by Marvel ". And without any flirting with the concept of "game as a service", microtransactions, co-op, and multiplayer in general. After the half-dead Marvel's Avengers - just a balm for the soul!
Already on October 26, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, a whole universe will open to us: with a non-linear storyline, moral choices, and tactical battles. True, only the Star-Lord himself will be able to steer directly, but the rest of his famous team can be given instructions. But the coolest thing here is the soundtrack composed of 80s hits performed by mastodons like Iron Maiden and KissLook forward to it!

Babylon's fall

But Babylon's Fall was announced a long time ago: back at E3 2018. But only this year, the true essence of the project was revealed to us. And it turned out to be the same "game-service" with cooperative online multiplayer and, obviously, microtransactions. However, there is nothing vicious in this - if only the game was good, but so far it looks good: epic, with scope and pathos. Although the main thing here is in the original watercolor style, which in combination with three-dimensional graphics looks extremely interesting.
Babylon's Fall will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. When is a mystery, but the most curious can already apply to participate in the beta test?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Top 10 E3 2021 Games Not Just STALKER 2, Battlefield 2042 and Starfield
There was no doubt that Nintendo would sooner or later continue one of its most important series. The question, as always, was only in time - and it finally came: "Big N" showed the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildTrue, there is very little information so far: even the new "Zelda" subtitle is kept secretSo Breath of the Wild 2 is just a temporary designation for the convenience of fans and the press. But they promise to rewind time and flights over Hyrule, so it will definitely not be boring.
The project is scheduled for release in 2022, but there is no exact release date yet.
Of course, these are far from all the important games that were shown at the past E3. The airtime went to the domestic Atomic Heart with a strange trailer to the song of the Mirage group, and the new Metroid under the title Dread (finally two-dimensional again!), And Two Point Campus - the continuation of the ideas of the insane Two Point Hospital, and a burst of others, no less interesting projects. What projects have become the main games of the exhibition for you personally? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

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