Hyde. How to create items in Minecraft

A key feature of Minecraft is the creation of some items from others. Crafting is so important here that it even became part of the name of the game. In this guide, we'll show you how to craft the most useful items. Moreover, we will consider not only the well-known equipment of the hero but also things that even an experienced player does not know about.
How to make a pickaxe?
The first and most important tool, without which you can't do much.

In addition to boards, you can use cobblestone, iron and gold ingots, diamonds. A diamond pickaxe can already be pumped into a nephrite one on the blacksmith's table.

How to make a blacksmith's table?
This block will improve not only the pickaxe but also other diamond tools and armor pieces.

How to make an anvil?
If things are worn out, you can fix them on an anvil.

How to make a glowing torch?
If you don't light your way in the mines, you can easily get lost. In addition, hostile mobs will spawn in the dark. Therefore, it is worth surrounding your home with a large number of torches.
If you want the torch in your hand to illuminate your path, you need to install the OptiFine mod and set “Dynamic lighting” to “Fast” or “Detailed” in the graphics settings.

How to make a chest?
The extracted resources need to be stored somewhere. For this, this item comes in handy.

A large chest can be made by placing two small ones next to it.
How to make a bed?
If you don't want to go outside at night, and you need to quickly squander the time until the morning, you will need a bed.
The color of the bed linen will depend on the color of the wool used.
How to make glass?
Every home needs windows, so the glass is indispensable. Moreover, it is done very simply.

In addition, the color of the blocks can be easily changed with any dye, which makes it possible to make beautiful stained-glass windows from them.

How to make a flag?
Another block to decorate your home. As with the bed, the final appearance of the flag depends on the color of the wool used.

How to make a loom?
On this table, you can add patterns to the flag and make it more interesting.

There is nothing difficult to use. Place the flag on the machine interface, add the dye of the desired color and select the drawing you like. You can repeat as many times as you like and overlay patterns on top of each other. In addition, sometimes scrolls with unusual patterns can be found in mines. To put them on the flag, place the scroll in the bottom slot of the loom.

How to make a sword?
It's unsafe in Minecraft at night, and it's better to go down the mine prepared. The sword will help to protect yourself, because, as you know, the best defense is an attack.

It is crafted from exactly the same materials as the pickaxe.
How to make a shield?
If the previous option did not work and protection is still needed, you will have to acquire a shield.

There are already fewer options here because a shield cannot be created from other materials.
How to make a bow?
Some enemies are best fought at a distance. A fully drawn bow deals 9 damage. This is enough to kill almost any hostile mob with 2-3 shots.

In addition to crafting, it can be obtained as loot from a skeleton or zimogor with an 8.5% chance. 
How to make arrows?
Since we have weapons, we need shells.
In addition, additional effects can be applied to arrows if they are combined with a settling potion.

How to make armor?
If you go to the Downworld or even more so, the End, you cannot do without additional protection.
How to make an armor rack?
It is not necessary to always wear armor, because it will wear out from accidental drops and any damage received. You can store it on the counter. If necessary, it can be quickly removed and put on by pressing RMB.

How to make a compass?
A compass comes in handy when traveling. Its arrow always points in the direction of the original spawn. This will help you not get lost and find your way home. Please note that it will not work in Downworld and Land.

How to make a map?
If you hold this object in your hand, a projection of the surrounding world will be applied to it. The map will help you navigate the area and quickly return to interesting places.

How to make a book?
By itself, this item is only needed as an ingredient for crafting. However, if you add pen and ink, you can write in the book. In this way, you can make instructions, books with recipes, or even rewrite "War and Peace" (if there is a great desire).

How to make an enchantment table?
This is where the book created in the last step comes in handy.

This block can be used to enchant weapons, tools, and armor. To do this, you need to place an enchantment item in the left slot, and lapis lazuli in the right one. After that, the game will offer options for effects that can be applied. If you hover over them, a tooltip will appear with the name and level of the enchantment.

In addition, by using bookcases, the maximum enchantment level can be increased. To do this, you need to place 15 bookcases so that there is an air block between them and the enchanting table. At the same time, the amount of experience required to apply the effect will also increase.

How to make a leash?
If you decide to tame a couple of animals or breed an entire farm, you cannot do without a leash.

Slime Clumps can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant or dropped from Slugs. They appear at night in swamps or in spacious caves below level 40.
How to make a saddle?
This item cannot be crafted, but it can be found in the world. It will spawn in the chest of the hellish fortress with a 35.3% chance, in an abandoned mine - 28.3% and in a desert temple - 23.5%.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
In addition, with a 16.2% chance, the saddle will lie in the blacksmith's house in the village. Sometimes tanners of the 3rd level also sell it for 6-10 emeralds.
Well, the last option, how to get a saddle, is to catch it with a fishing rod. The chance, in this case, is 0.8%.
How to make a beacon?
The most difficult and expensive item to manufacture. It's all about the Nether Star - you can only get it for defeating the Wither boss.

The switched-on beacon emits a beam of light that goes into the sky. It is visible at a very great distance and will help you to return home He also buffs all nearby players.
For the lighthouse to work at full capacity, you need to build a pyramid under it. It can be made of blocks of iron, gold, emeralds, diamonds, or nephrite. The radius of action, duration and the number of gains received depend on the size of the pyramid. The maximum effect can be obtained by building a pyramid with a base of 9 × 9 blocks. As a result, it will take 164 blocks to create such a structure. In this case, it is not at all necessary to make a structure from rare building materials - this does not affect the strength of the buff.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
The list of buffs that can be obtained: Speed, Haste, Resistance, Power Jump, Strength, Regeneration.
How to make a golem?
There are two types of golems in the game: snow and iron. The first ones leave a trail of snow and will throw snowballs at all hostile mobs. They are created from two stacked blocks of snow and a carved pumpkin on top. Iron golems sometimes spawn in villages and protect the villagers and the player. To make it yourself, you need to put 4 blocks of iron with the letter T and put the carved pumpkin on top of the central one.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
Before version 1.13, pumpkins appeared immediately with cut-out faces, but now you need to do it yourself. It is enough to pick up scissors and right-click on the pumpkin.
How to make a cannon?
There is no such item in the game, but a semblance of a weapon can be made using ingenuity and a little Redstone.
For the simplest option, you will need the following ingredients:
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
First, let's make an 8 × 3 shape out of the cobblestone.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
Now pour a bucket of water inside, and on the other hand, close the whole thing with a half-block.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
Place a cobblestone above the water block and put a button on it.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
To the left of the button, we lay a strip of Redstone 6 blocks long.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
On the right side, we carry out a Redstone from the button to the half-block through 10 repeaters. We set the repeaters to the maximum delay.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
We put dynamite on a half-block. He will act as the core.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
Now add dynamite to the water. The more it is, the further the projectile will fly away. The main thing here is not to put the block in a place where water flows out, otherwise, nothing will work.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
That's all, press the button and enjoy the result.
Hyde.  How to create items in Minecraft
Congratulations, you now have the basics of crafting, golem building, and Redstone mechanisms! What was most helpful to you? Do you know recipes for other interesting things that we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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