Hyde: Genshin Impact - Sucrose. Best builds, weapons, artifacts since patch 1.6

Sucrose has always been a good support, but after patch 1.6 it got even better! At the same time, she is one of the "cheapest" in leveling characters in terms of the ratio of the amount of resources to the benefits brought. The recent increase in the Dispersal reaction has played a big role: Sucrose has become much more effective in helping her group to increase damage, and from time to time she herself is not averse to mowing everyone on the battlefield.

Strengths and weaknesses of Sucrose


  • Requires very few resources to be very effective as a support.
  • Increases elemental damage to the entire group.
  • The elemental skill ("eshka") and the ulta pull together enemies.
  • "Eshka" receives two charges at the first level of the constellation.


  • Not very strong attraction of "Yeshki".
  • Dispel does not respond to creature elemental auras.
  • A very expensive ult in terms of energy with a long cooldown.
  • C1 and C4 are needed to unleash full potential.

Abilities of Sucrose

Hyde: Genshin Impact - Sucrose.  Best builds, weapons, artifacts since patch 1.6
For acceptable support of the team from Sucrose, it is enough to develop its elemental skill and ult only to the fourth level, and the main attack can be left alone. If your goal is to maximize its damage, then we will not limit you: everything depends only on your resources.

Basic Attack - Basic Wind Essence

Normal attack - up to four blows with essence of wind, dealing damage to Anemo.
Charged attack is a short spell that deals Anemo area damage, which spends a certain amount of stamina.
Falling Attack - After accumulating wind energy, it rapidly falls to the ground, attacking all enemies in the way. After landing, deals Anemo area damage.

Elemental Skill Experiment # 6308

Creates a small Air Spirit that attracts enemies and objects to itself, and then knocks up nearby enemies and deals Anemo damage to them.

Elemental explosion (ulta) - Forbidden! Isomer 75 / Type II

Sucrose drops a flask with an unstable reagent that creates a large Air Spirit. It continuously attracts objects and enemies nearby, knocks enemies into the air, inflicting Anemo damage to them.
Elemental Absorption:
On contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements, a large Air Spirit deals additional damage with this element. For each use, the skill can only absorb one element.

Passive skills

Catalyst Replacement - the reaction caused by Sucrose Dispersion increases the mastery of the corresponding element of the rest of the squad (but not Sucrose) by 50 units. within 8 sec.
Clever breeze - when hit by the skills Experiment 6308 or Forbidden! Isomer 75 / Type II " increases the elemental mastery of the other members of the squad (but not Sucrose) by 20% of the elemental mastery of Sucrose for 8 seconds.
Unstable Invention - when creating materials to improve characters and weapons, has a 10% chance to create an additional item.

The best constellations for Sucrose

C1 and C4 are two distinct constellations. The first will give an additional charge of "eshki", which will make it easier to group opponents, and at the same time will give more elemental particles, faster charging the ult of Sucrose. And C4 will reduce the Eshki's cooldown by 1-7 seconds after 7 attacks. It is upon reaching the fourth constellation that it makes sense to leave Sucrose on the battlefield longer, but more on that below.
If it was not possible to get to C6, it is not critical, although the last constellation quite strongly buffs the damage of the squad from the absorbed element of the ultimate.
  1. Cluster vacuum field. Increases the number of charges of the Experiment 6308 skill by 1.
  2. Beth: Free form. Increases the duration of the Forbidden skill Isomer 75 / Type II for 2 sec.
  3. Flawless Alchemist. Increases the skill level Experiment 6308 by 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  4. Alchemy mania. Every 7 regular or charged attacks of Sucrose reduce the cooldown time of the Experiment 6308 skill by 1-7 seconds.
  5. Attention: regular flask. Increases skill level Forbidden! Isomer 75 / Type II at 3. Max. lvl .: 15.
  6. Entropy of chaos. If the skill is Forbidden! Isomer 75 / Type II activated the absorption of elements, all members of the squad receive a 20% bonus damage of the corresponding element for the duration of the skill.

How to play as Sucrose

Hyde: Genshin Impact - Sucrose.  Best builds, weapons, artifacts since patch 1.6
Patch 1.6 introduced major changes to the builds for the second order elemental reactions: Superconductor, Dispel, Charge, Sunder and Overload. They depend only on the indicator of Elemental Mastery and the level of the character, as well as on the corresponding resistance at the target. Unlike first-order reactions (Melting and Steam), second-order reactions do not require high costs in terms of character leveling, because your attack indicators, crit. damage and crit. chance for them do not matter. The only thing that is needed is to apply them as often as possible.
In general, the game for Sucrose is quite simple: we tighten the targets with the "yeshkoy", throw the ult, if necessary, use the reverse coloring (we saturate the ult with an element different from the element of your main damage dealer: for example, for Dilyuk we paint in Hydro, or better in Cryo) and start applying damage by the main damage dealer. But if Sucrose has C6, then try to absorb your main element with the ultimate, because this will give + 20% bonus damage of the corresponding element to the squad. But even if you have absorbed an element of the support, Sucrose will give a big increase to its damage, and the reverse coloring will play into your hands.
But in this guide, we will also analyze a special build for Sucrose through the constant Dispersion and Charge reactions. As an example of this build, we need a specific group of characters that will continuously dispel the elemental statuses they impose.
These are Bei Dou, Fischl, Xing Qiu and, of course, Sucrose. Briefly put on the shelves. Bei Doe constantly throws an ult (she jumps between opponents, updating Electro status) thanks to Fischl's "battery", and also breaks enemy shields with a two-handed one. Fischl's task is to keep Oz on the field for the maximum amount of time (he supplies Bey Doe Electro particles - and therefore the "battery"). Xing Qiu "eshket" and ultuet, keeps his swords active and imposes Hydro status. And Sucrose scatters enemies under the influence of their elements on atoms.
The whole point is that Sucrose does not need top-end weapons and artifacts to inflict a sea of ​​damage, it is enough just to constantly dispel the elements. The Dispelling mechanic is very simple: when combining Anemo and any of the elements (except Geo), an explosion is generated that deals damage in the area twice (Hydro's dispersion deals damage only to the main target) and imposes the Dispelling status on the affected enemies. If the target was at a different status at that time, Dispel will also trigger an elemental reaction.
Therefore, it is beneficial to use Sucrose in this group even as an auto-attacker in order to increase the frequency of the Dispelling trigger, especially after receiving C4 with its "Yeshki" rollback. The result is a real fireworks display of damage numbers due to the constant overlapping and overlapping of statuses. A huge plus of Sucrose in this chaos is its ability to share the Mastery of the Elements with all members of the group, which again will increase the damage.

Best weapon for Sucrose

I would like to immediately mention the three-star catalyst of the Epic of the DragonslayersIt does not give a large increase to the damage of Sucrose, but it does not need it. By switching from Sucrose to any other hero, you will increase his attack power by a maximum of 48% - this lasts 10 seconds and is activated every 20 seconds. It is the ability to use the catalyst that now sets Sucrose apart from Venti and allows it to be unique.
For example, Fischl from the squad above (and she really needs attack power) will say a huge thank you, because Oz "remembers" the characteristics of the hostess immediately after the call and keeps them while he is on the battlefield (that is, the duration of the buff from the Epic of Dragonslayers may come out and Oz will continue to do increased damage). And if you strengthen Bei Dou, then her ultimate will also remember the stats at the time of application and will damage with amplification all the time. The same goes for Xing Qiu. But it is not necessary to focus on the squad higher, because Sucrose will successfully fit into any of your favorite teams that use elemental damage.

Five Star Catalysts

The Celestial Atlas is more of a meme than a weapon for Sucrose. Such an expensive weapon will be much more useful to many other characters. This also applies to any 5-star catalyst: yes, a lot of damage, yes, a good passive, but this is too much.

Four Star Catalysts

Ritual memoirs - gives mastery of the elements, and this is the most important thing for increasing the damage of Sucrose (and the rest of the team due to its passive skill). In addition, the passive of this book can restore the rollback of the "Yeshka" when it hits the target, and since after C1 it has two charges, the chance is even higher. Sucrose with "memoirs" can greatly help your Xiao gain more energy for his ultimate, which will give him the opportunity to focus on collecting more useful stats for him. The most profitable option for pumped (non-budget) Sucrose.
Nautical Chart will also add elemental mastery. Easy to craft from a blacksmith. The basic attack rate is much higher than that of the Memoirs , although this is not so significant for Sucrose. Passive increases the elemental damage bonus by 10 seconds, stacks twice.

The best artifacts for Sucrose

Hyde: Genshin Impact - Sucrose.  Best builds, weapons, artifacts since patch 1.6
The best set of artifacts since the release of patch 1.6 is 4x Emerald Shadow . It will add + 15% to Anemo damage, increase the damage of Dispel by as much as 60%, and reduce the enemy's resistance to the dispelled element by 40% for 10 seconds.
If for some reason you did not have four pieces of the last set, you can use two pieces of the Instructor and two pieces of the Wandering Ensemble - in total, they will give Sucrose 160 mastery of the elements. You can also use 4 pieces of the Instructor - this will allow after the ult to increase the mastery of the elements of the entire squad by 120 for 8 seconds.
If you have no one in your party to wear the full set of the Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility, you can also give it to Sucrose. Activating her ultimate will give the entire squad an increase in attack power by 20% for 12 seconds. However, you will have to try with secondary stats: it will be very difficult to gain mastery of the elements everywhere.
  • Hours for Elemental Mastery / Energy Restoration (second, if you want to spam with an ultimate or if your team doesn't really need Elemental Mastery).
  • Elemental Mastery Cup / Damage Anemo Bonus (same conditions).
  • Hat for Elemental Mastery / crit. chance or crit. damage (under the same conditions).
The presence of the Mastery of the Elements on the Watch, Cup and Hat makes it impossible to have the same characteristic in the secondary stats of an artifact, and this greatly facilitates further assembly. If you are not trying to make a killing machine out of Sucrose, you can take artifacts even with "bad" side stats - we only need energy recovery from there.
Top bonus stats, in order of priority:
  1. mastery of the elements;
  2. energy recovery;
  3. Crete. chance / crit. damage /% attack.

Best Companions for Sucrose

Hyde: Genshin Impact - Sucrose.  Best builds, weapons, artifacts since patch 1.6
  • Bennett - will increase your attack with an ultimate and, if necessary, create an elemental resonance with a pyro-damager: a bonus of + 25% attack power is never superfluous. Moreover, it heals perfectly.
  • Xing Qiu + Fischl + Bei Dou. The command described above. Watching fireworks of damage and looting loot - it's simple.
  • Gan Yu . Due to the constant Cryo damage from attacks and Gan Yu's skills, you can get huge damage from elemental reactions. It remains only to select the second element for the reactions - and the team is ready.
  • Tartaglia / Mona. These two use mostly elemental Hydro attacks, so when combined with Sucrose, their damage will increase significantly. Again, only the second element is needed: add a Pyro hero (for example, Xiang Ling + Tartaglia) and your team will shine.
  • Dilyuk / Xiang Lin / Kli . Pyro damage for our Sucrose. In the case of Klee, Sucrose will also conveniently pull her bombs and enemies into one pile.
  • Xiao . Here, Sucrose acts as a "battery" for Xiao's ult, especially in the presence of C1. It remains to add two supports with different elements for coloring the Sucrose ult and constant reactions. Xiao will also thank Sucrose with the Epic of Dragonslayers - when switching to him, the book will greatly increase his damage.

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