How to tame animals in Minecraft

Pets have always been an important part of human history. They helped us hunt, guarded us, allowed us to move further and faster. It is not surprising that the ability to domesticate animals is also in Minecraft, which remains the most popular "survivor" to this day. We will now tell you about how and with whom you can make your pet.

How to tame a horse?

Let's start with the healthiest animal you can get. The hardest part of the domestication of horses is finding them because they spawn only in the savannahs and on the plains.
If you have coped with the search, then everything is simple. Saddle the horse by pressing RMB. After a while, he will throw you off but do not worry - like a real horse, a virtual one needs to be tamed. Try again until hearts fly out of the horse and he stops throwing you off.
That's all, the horse has become tame. If you put on a saddle, then the animal can be controlled. And by dressing a horse in armor, you will not only add style to it but also a little protection.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft
By the way, there are also donkeys and mules in the game. The former is simply a rare version of horses. The second can be obtained by crossing a horse with a donkey using a golden carrot or apple. Both cannot be equipped with armor, but a chest can be attached to them, which will allow you to transport more things at a time.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft

How to tame a llama?

These mobs are found in the savannah or mountain biome. In addition, 1–2 individuals will spawn with the wandering trader.
Llamas can be ridden, but not controlled. If you press RMB while holding the chest in your hand, it will be put on the animal and will allow you to store it in items. The number of available slots varies from 3 to 15 and depends on the individual.
A llama is tamed in the same way as a horse. By itself, it does not follow the player unless a leash is used. However, others will follow the tied lama, forming a caravan. Up to 10 individuals can be in it. In this case, if you bind a second llama, a second caravan will be created. So you can lead as many animals as you like.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft

How to tame an ocelot?

Since version 1.14, these mobs cannot be domesticated. That said, you can still earn their trust so that they won't disappear if you go too far.
Ocelots are found only in the jungle. You can make friends with them by holding raw salmon or cod in your hand and not moving. The animal itself will slowly approach the player, after which the predator needs to be fed. The chance of gaining trust with one fish is one in three.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft
The main plus of these animals: creepers and phantoms are afraid of them, and therefore will maintain a distance of 6-16 blocks.

How to tame a cat?

Since version 1.14, this is not a domesticated ocelot, but a separate mob. You can only meet him in a village that has at least 1 inhabitant and 4 beds. In addition, one black cat will always be in the witch's hut.
A cat differs from an ocelot only in texture. And it is domesticated in the same way. Therefore, if you want to get a new pet, it is worth getting more raw cod and salmon. After taming, a collar will appear on the animal, the color of which can be changed with a dye.
In addition to the advantages that the ocelot gives, the cat will guard your sleep and, with a 70% chance, will bring a gift to the awakened owner.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft

How to tame a wolf?

These mobs spawn only in forest and taiga biomes in flocks of 4 individuals. By themselves, they hunt rabbits, skeletons, sheep, and foxes, and the tame wolf will attack anyone who attacks its owner (except for the creeper).
To tame it, you need to feed the bone to a wild wolf. The success rate on one die is 33% and 100% on the 12th try. An indicator that the wolf has become tame is the appearance of a red collar. Like a cat collar, it can be dyed.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft
In addition, domestic wolves have 2.5 times more health and 2 times stronger attack compared to wild brethren.
There is no limit on the number of tamed wolves. They will follow the player and teleport to him if he gets too far. If you right-click on a wolf, he will stay in place and will not teleport and follow you. You can also raise it by pressing RMB.

How to tame a parrot?

These birds are found only in the jungle and come in five different colors. They also know how to imitate hostile mobs and warn the player about their location.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft
The parrot can be tamed with any seeds. Never give him a cookie - he will poison himself and die (by the way, chocolate is also toxic for real parrots).
If you stand or walk next to a tame bird, it will sit on your shoulder. This way you can carry up to two parrots with you at the same time. But be careful: if you jump from a height one block or take damage, the pet will fly off your shoulder.

How to tame a fox?

Foxes live in taiga and snowy taiga biomes, sometimes in taiga villages. They spawn in groups of up to 3 individuals and mostly at night. The color of the fox differs depending on the habitat: in the usual taiga - red, in the snowy - white.
Guide: How to tame animals in Minecraft
These animals often carry objects in their teeth and love to steal what the player throws away. If the fox took something you need, throw any food next to it, and she will return your item.
To tame, go to the forest at night and find a couple of foxes there. Then feed each of them with sweet berries. After breeding, a fox will appear, which will be friendly to the player. All that remains is to put a leash on him and take him home.

Achievement "Human's Friend" received! Now you figure out how to tame every possible beast in Minecraft.
What animals have you managed to tame? Perhaps you have already gathered a whole zoo? Share stories about your favorite virtual pets in the comments!

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