let's see how the market situation has changed during this time, what new has appeared and how all this can affect our wallets.
But before we start, we want to draw your attention to the following. Last time we talked about this, we will repeat it now - we are categorically against what is happening with the hardware market at the moment, and do not support mining in any way. We also do not pursue the goal of promoting any particular manufacturer of hardware, the material is being prepared solely for one purpose - to help make the right choice for those who need a PC here and now. It is a PC, not a console, tablet, lawnmower, or anything else. We hope you and I will no longer return to this topic until the market bounces back, and I want to believe that this will happen as soon as possible. So, let's begin.

Affordable PC for work and play at minimums

As always, the first on the list of our recommendations will be a PC, which, firstly, is as inexpensive as possible, and, secondly, allows you to play without a video card at all. Yes, at a minimum and medium graphics settings and not always in Full HD, but as a temporary solution or a solution for those who love old toys, the option is ideal. Performance can be expected to be 30-40 frames in The Witcher 3Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Far Cry 5 . Comfortable 60 frames in CSGOOverwatch, and Rainbow Six: Siege, and finally the royal 100 fps in Valorant.
In the last issue, we managed to assemble such a car for 31,959 rubles. This time, unfortunately, it comes out a little more expensive. AMD Ryzen 2200 G for some reason has risen in price significantly, and now they are asking for it not 9 600, but 14 500 rubles. It's better to add a little and stretch the budget to the slightly more powerful Ryzen 3200 G, which is only a thousand more expensive. In addition, we will win back this thousand (and even more) at the expense of a cheaper motherboard. Of course, it's still a bit expensive for such a CPU, because for the same amount you can buy the Ryzen 5 3600, which has two more cores and eight threads, but we need a PC without a video card here and now, and the R5 3600 does not have an integrated video chip.
In the future, together with the proposed processor, it will be possible to buy a GPU to match it ( AMD Radeon RX 5500 XTRX 5600 XTNvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SuperRTX 2060 Super ) and play AAA titles without any lowering of the resolution and at the settings, close to high, and sometimes maximum.
Note this: Be extremely careful when purchasing memory for this build. Our proposed option is optimal, since Samsung 378 5244 CB 0- CTD can be overclocked to 3200 MHz CL 16 without any problems, and a high RAM frequency and low timings are extremely important for the graphics integrated into the processor. The faster the memory, the more frames you will see on your screen. Make no mistake when choosing.
An affordable option without a video card at all
CpuAMD Ryzen 3 3200G OEM (Raven Ridge, Socket AM4, 4 cores, 4 threads, 3.5 - 3.7 GHz)15 260212
RAM2x 4 GB DDR4-2666 MHz CL19, Samsung M378A5244CB0-CTD440061
HDD1 TB Western Digital WD10EZEX (SATA Rev.3, 7200 RPM, 64 MB)271138
SSD120 GB SmartBuy SB120GB-RVVL3-25SAT3 (SATA Rev.3)1,65023
CoolerCooler Master Hyper 212 EVO224731
MotherboardASRock B450M Pro4 (ATX, Socket AM4, AMD B450, 4x DDR4 2133 - 3200 MHz, 2x PCIe x16, 4x PCIe x1, D-Sub (VGA), DisplayPort, HDMI, LAN, Realtek RTL8111H @ 1Gb, Realtek ALC892)503670
HousingDeepcool Matrexx 30 Black (ATX, 120mm fan)2 179thirty
Power SupplyFSP Group ATX-400PNR PRO 400W1,91427
System unit:35 397492
Upgrade # 1Surcharge
Plus two memory modules2x 4 GB DDR4-2666 MHz CL19, Samsung M378A5244CB0-CTD440061
Video cardGigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT OC 4G (rev. 2.0) (GV-R55XTOC-4GD) (PCIe x16 4.0, 3x DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, 4096 MB GDDR 6, TDP ~ 130 W)35,000486
After upgrade:74 7971039

Build pros

  • Long-term platform. In the future, you can easily install a Ryzen 5 5600 X processor on the motherboardIt will work flawlessly but do not forget that such an upgrade will require the purchase of a discrete graphics card since the Ryzen 5 5600X lacks integrated graphics. And a powerful video card is required: our Ryzen 3 3200G will cope with the Radeon 5500 XT on its own.
  • Decent memory. Guaranteed to take 3200 MHz with CL16 overclocked. All you need to do - free utility Ryzen the DRAM Calculator, 1.45 in voltage on the DIMM -modules ( the DRAM VoltageVDRAMVDIMM ) in the BIOS, and one or two days. Overclocking will significantly improve the performance of your PC in general - and especially in games.
  • A decent cooler with a backplate and a reliable mount, which means a clamp.

Cons of assembly

  • Not the most ventilated case with one 120mm blower fan. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, this is the most affordable and at the same time not bad quality case with tempered glass. For our system, which will practically not be heated, it fits perfectly.
  • Not the quietest PSU without modular design and mustard-and-ketchup-style wires. The wires are not bad, they can be hidden, but the turntable will howl. In power supplies of this price category, manufacturers use not the highest quality bearings and, in addition, do not equip the units with a passive cooling function.
  • Only 8 GB of memory. When upgrading to the Ryzen 5 5600X, you will have to buy two more modules.
  • Not the most productive cooler. When switching to Zen 3, it will have to be changed to something significantly more expensive and efficient, since the entire line of 5xxx processors suffers from increased heating.

Ready-made system up to 100 thousand rubles

Now let's consider an option that is very similar to the previous one, but with minor differences. We will save a little on the processor, but we will manage to win in fps. How? Very simple. Instead of AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, we will choose AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, a slightly more powerful cooler and RAM, which is guaranteed to be able to overclock to 3600 MHz and CL 14. The CPU still has the same four cores, but already eight threads, and because it is assembled on the same chipset, and some other architectural improvements, it performs much better when paired with powerful discrete graphics cards. High-frequency memory will help him with this. For the 3200G, the ceiling is something from the category of the RTX 2060 Super, and then at a stretch. The 3300X, on the other hand, is ready to handle the cards more seriously without severely limiting their performance. What's the catch? You will have to buy a video card right away, the processor does not have a built-in video core.
                                          Ready-made system up to 100 thousand rubles
CpuAMD Ryzen 3 3300X OEM (Matisse, Socket AM4, 4 cores, 8 threads, 3.8 - 4.3 GHz)11560161
RAM2x 8 GB DDR4 3200, CL16 Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G32C16U4B440061
HDD1 TB Western Digital WD10EZEX (SATA Rev.3, 7200 RPM, 64 MB)271138
SSD120 GB SmartBuy SB120GB-RVVL3-25SAT3 (SATA Rev.3)1,65023
CoolerDeepcool AS5004 12857
MotherboardASRock B450M Pro4 (ATX, Socket AM4, AMD B450, 4x DDR4 2133 - 3200 MHz, 2x PCIe x16, 4x PCIe x1, D-Sub (VGA), DisplayPort, HDMI, LAN Realtek RTL8111H 1 Gbit, Realtek ALC892)503670
HousingDeepcool Matrexx 30 Black (ATX, 120mm fan)2 17930
Power SupplyFSP Group ATX-400PNR PRO 400W1,9142
Video cardMSI GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Ventus OC (PCIe x16 3.0, 8 GB GDDR6, 3x DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, TDP ~ 175 Watt)64600897
System unit: 981781364
Course 72one

Build pros

Almost the same as in the previous case, but this time we get a longer-lasting processor that does not need an upgrade for much longer. Plus non-replaceable cooling and memory, which will be good and appropriate even when moving to older processors, including eight-core ones.

Cons of assembly

All the same complaints about the case and the power supply that were related to the first assembly in today's article.

Balanced system for AAA games

The third PC will be assembled with an eye to performance in single AAA games, where the number of fps mainly depends on the video card. We don’t save on the processor, memory, and other components, but we also don’t go for “everything”. We keep the correct ratio of the price to the final "exhaust".
If so, we should have a CPU with six cores and twelve threads - the sweet spot for today. Both AMD and Intel have such modelsLast time we leaned towards the red camp, now we will do the opposite. Why? Motherboards with the Intel 560 chipset are getting cheaper, and this radically changes the matter.
Do not forget that in addition to the low price, the B560 is good because it gives full control over the memory subsystem, that is, you can overclock it and fine-tune all its timings.
We decided on the platform, and as for the processor, the best option is Intel Core 5 11400It significantly outperforms the slightly cheaper AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and butts on equal terms with the top-end AMD Ryzen 5 5600X in this segment. At the same time, the processor costs less than the latter.
Ideally, I would like to see in this assembly 5 11400 f without integrated graphics, which would be even cheaper, but now it is not available, which means that we will not consider a "spherical horse in a vacuum".
Balanced version for AAA games
CpuIntel Core i5-11400 BOX (Socket LGA1200, Rocket Lake-S, 6 cores, 12 threads, 2.6 GHz - 4.4 GHz)16 833234
RAM2x 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz, CL 16 Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G32C16U4B7,900110
SSD500GB Crucial MX 500 CT500MX500SSD1 (SATA Rev. 3)478066
HDD1 TB Western Digital WD10EZEX (SATA Rev.3, 7200 RPM, 64 MB)266037
CoolerDeepcool AS5004 12857
MotherboardASRock B560M PRO4 (Micro ATX, Socket LGA1200, Intel B560, 4x DDR4 2133 - 4800 MHz, M.2: 2242/2260/2280, Realtek ALC897 audio, LAN 1Gb Intel I219V, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB Type-A)8 960124
HousingDeepcool Matrexx 40 (Micro-ATX, 120mm fan)3,00042
Power SupplySuper Flower Leadex Silver 650W7,558105
Video cardPalit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro 8GB (PCIe x16 4.0, 8 GB GDDR6X, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, HDMI 2.1, TDP ~ 290 W)118,9001651
System unit:174,719775
Fan kit2x be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM1 98028
After upgrade:176,6992454

Build pros

  • A platform with an exemplary price-performance ratio. In gaming, the Core i5 11400 will let your system compete with the top-end PCs, and this at its very modest price tag.
  • The platform supports all modern technologies, including PCIe version 4.0.
  • The platform does not limit you to overclocking and memory tuning.

Cons of assembly

Insane price for a video card. However, assuming you want to enjoy maximum graphics quality with all modern image rendering technologies and at resolutions above Full HD, then the RTX 3070 Ti probably fits perfectly into the configuration. RTX 3060 and other even less powerful GPU will require lowering the quality and more productive options needed for already the K.
The corps will ask for additional investments. A 120mm fan alone isn't enough to cool a graphics card as powerful as the RTX 3070 Ti. The amount of surcharge for a set of additional turntables is small - 1980 rubles, but nevertheless.

Esports without compromise

And again castling. In the last release, we collected a system for the ultimate gamer based on Intel Core i5-11400f. This time we will give preference to AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. It is faster, or rather, even the fastest among the current six-cores, and it has finally dropped in price, so now it can be considered as a real option to buy.
Esports without borders
CpuAMD Ryzen 5 5600X OEM (Vermeer, Socket AM4, 6 cores, 12 threads, 3.7 - 4.6 GHz)22,900318
RAM2x 8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz, CL 16 Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G32C16U4B7,900110
SSD500GB Crucial MX 500 CT500MX500SSD1 (SATA Rev. 3)478066
HDD1 TB Western Digital WD10EZEX (SATA Rev.3, 7200 RPM, 64 MB)266037
CoolerDeepcool AS5004 12857
MotherboardMSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK (AMD B550, Socket AM4, 4x DDR4 1866 - 4866 MHz, M.2: 2242/2260/2280/22110, Realtek ALC1200 audio, LAN 1Gb Realtek RTL8111H, 2.5Gb Realtek RTL8125B, HDMI, DisplayPort , USB Type-C, USB Type-A, PS / 2)14,900207
HousingPhanteks Eclipse P400A Black TG (ATX)571079
Power SupplySuper Flower Leadex Silver 650W671093
Video cardPalit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro 8GB (PCIe x16 4.0, 8 GB GDDR6X, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, HDMI 2.1, TDP ~ 290 W)118,9001651
System unit:188 588968
More efficient coolerNoctua NH-U12A8,700121
After upgrade:1972882740

Build pros

  • A very long-lasting system with an initially powerful base. Last a long time, and when the time comes to upgrade, your choice will be the model with the number of cores to 16. For example, AMD's Ryzen 9, 5950 the XIn addition to the processor, you do not need to change anything. The motherboard will make friends with the 5950X without any problems, without underestimating its performance.
  • Excellent memory from Crucial, as in the previous build. It will fully reveal the capabilities of the CPU, it is capable of operating at the maximum frequency of the Zen 3 memory controller. At the moment it is 2000 MHz, that is, 4000 MHz DDR4. Possible CL timing for Ballistix U4 at 1.45 V at this frequency is 16. Excellent indicator.

Cons of assembly

  • Comparatively expensive case. However, in fact, this is one of the most affordable models with such an appearance, such an organization of the internal space, and, most importantly, such an effective blowing. The latter is especially important, considering that there will be a productive and hot video card and an equally hot processor inside.
  • The second disadvantage relates to the processor cooling system represented by the Deepcool AS 500It is more than enough to work in stock, but once you start overclocking, you’re lost. The AS500 will make a lot of noise and still will not be able to provide a comfortable temperature regime inside the system unit. We'll have to change it to more efficient cooling.

Mid-End system

Gradually gets to the top solutions, but choose wisely for the components of the PC is always difficult, especially when it comes to the Mid End 'eThe surcharge for octa-core models, which represent the middle segment of processors, is quite substantial, and the final exhaust is almost zero. Compared to six-core CPUs, in games, such CPUs either give little or almost nothing. For confident streaming of cores, it is also not enough: here it is better to use the forces of the GPU, and for serious work, this is all the more not a fountain.
Nevertheless, we understand that we want to have a certain margin of safety and not think about upgrading for as long as possible. With such input, in our opinion, the only adequate basis for such a machine in the long term is the 490 chipset and the Intel Core 7 10700 Kf processor.
Mid end
CpuIntel Core i7-10700Kf OEM (Socket LGA1200, Comet Lake-S, 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.8 - 5.1 GHz)24490340
RAM2x 8 GB DDR4-4000 MHz, CL19 Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout (PVB416G400C9K)10,238142
HDD3 TB HGST HDS723030ALA640 (7200 RPM, 64 MB Cache)13,280184
SSD1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus MZ-V7S1T0BW (PCIe 3.0, M.2 NVMe)16400228
CoolerNoctua NH-U12A8,700121
MotherboardMSI MEG Z490 UNIFY (Z490, Socket LGA1200, 4x DDR4 2133 - 5000 MHz, M.2: 2242/2260/2280/22110, Realtek ALC1220 audio, LAN 2.5 Gbit Realtek 8125B, Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, PS / 2)18680259
HousingFractal Design Meshify 2 Black - TG12299171
Power SupplySuper Flower Leadex Platinum (SF-850F-14MP) 850W13990194
Video cardPalit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro 8GB (PCIe x16 4.0, 8 GB GDDR6X, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, HDMI 2.1, TDP ~ 290 W)118,9001651
System unit:236,9773291
Cooling replacementEKWB EK-AIO 360 D-RGB13 513188
Plus two memory modules2x 8 GB DDR4 4000 MHz Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout 4000MHz CL19 (PVB416G400C9K)10,238142
Replacing the processorIntel Core i9-10850K BOX (Socket LGA1200, Comet Lake-S, 10 cores, 20 threads, 3.6 - 5.2 GHz)31,154433
After upgrade:291,8824054

Build pros

  • A fast NVMe drive, which is important, since Windows 11 will soon appear, where such drives will be used for more efficient streaming of textures in games.
  • An extremely reliable and massive HDD that should last for years without any complaints.
  • An advanced motherboard that unleashes the power of the processor. It will also cope with the 10-core 10850K without any problems, with which it will be possible to replace the originally proposed processor. And on its basis, you can already make a full-fledged professional-level streaming system. However, its biggest plus is that it supports PCIe 4.0 (keep in mind that this requires an 11th generation processor from Intel), which means that we don't need the more expensive 590 to install an NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD when upgrading.
  • Memory chips, the Samsung-Bed, and The Die - the fastest memory on the market today. Takes the highest frequencies at the lowest timings. For example, 4400 @ CL16 or 4400 @ CL17. Such indicators will allow it to compete with the first revisions of the upcoming DDR5 since each new generation of DDR memory increases frequencies, but it always does so at the expense of greatly overestimated timings. And only at the end of the existence of a generation, they pull out everything they can from the chips, reducing the delays to the limit. Remember: when DDR4 first appeared, 3000 MHz and CL15 modules were considered fast. Now, these are already rather weak indicators.
  • A chic case from Fractal DesignOne of the best in terms of breathability, expandability, convenience, and quality of performance. Supports almost every imaginable and unimaginable liquid cooling system of various formats and configurations. Most likely, it will not have to be changed even after several years when switching to a new platform.
  • Classy quiet CPU cooler. The best performance so far. What he cannot cope with, only a liquid cooling system can cope - and at least two-section and far from the budget segment.

Cons of assembly

  • Price.

I saw you in a dream

Closing the list is absolutely the same PC configuration as last time. Simply because such a solution has no competitors and, most likely, will not appear shortly. If you want maximum and unprecedented performance in any task, AMD Ryzen 9 is your choice.
Ultimate performance
CpuAMD Ryzen 9 5900X OEM (Socket AM4, Vermeer, 12 cores, 24 threads, 3.7 - 4.8 GHz)42990597
RAM2x 8 GB DDR4 4000 MHz, CL19 Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout (PVB416G400C9K)10,238142
HDD3 TB HGST HDS723030ALA640 (7200 rpm, 64 MB)13,280184
SSD NVMe1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus MZ-V7S1T0BW (PCIe 3.0, M.2 NVMe)16400228
CoolerEKWB EK-AIO 360 D-RGB13 513188
MotherboardASUS ROG Strix B550-E Gaming (ATX, Socket AM4, 4x DDR4 4400 MHz, HDMI, DisplayPort, M.2: 2242/2260/2280/22110, PCIe 4.0, Realtek S1220A audio, LAN 2.5 Gbit Intel I225-V, Wi-Fi 802.11ax, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, BIOS Flashback)20530285
HousingFractal Design Meshify 2 Black - TG12299171
Power SupplySuper Flower Leadex Platinum (SF-850F-14MP) 850W13990194
Video cardPalit GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GamingPro 12GB1916902662
System unit: 334,9304652
Replacing the CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950X OEM (Socket AM4, Vermeer, 16 cores, 32 threads, 3.4 - 4.9 GHz)61 530855
Replacing the motherboardASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (AM4, AMD X570, SupremeFX S1220 sound, Dual 2.5 Gbps LAN Realtek RTL8125CG, Intel I211AT, Wi-Fi 802.11ax, PCIe Gen 4, M.2: 2242/2260/2280/2211, BIOS Flashback)40730566
Cooling replacementEK-Quantum Power Kit D-RGB P36053,989750
Plus two memory modules2x 8 GB DDR4 4000 MHz, CL19 Patriot Memory Viper 4 Blackout (PVB416G400C9K)10,238142
After upgrade: 501 4176964
Course 72one
Build pros
  • Ultimate performance. As for the upgrade, you can only suggest replacing the cooling system with a custom one, since completely ready-made kits have already appeared on the market. It is enough to screw on a couple of fittings and cut the hoses, exactly following the instructions in the box with the LSSWhat's the point of this? First, it's just beautiful. Secondly, the colder the Zen 3 cores, the higher the automation raises their frequency. By the way, we deliberately did not offer air cooling systems in this assembly: they are either ineffective or work on the edge and are very noisy. For the top Zen 3, a liquid cooling system, unfortunately, is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity.
  • Well, the second thing you can do with this PC is to replace the motherboard in it with the ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero with the X570 chipset: get more USB ports and several seats for NVMe. Specifically, we recommend it because it is one of the best boards for Ryzen 9, and it also does not have a fan on the southbridge. Here it is cooled passively using a passive radiator. Accordingly, you will not have problems with fan noise and potential failure. In addition, this approach to cooling eliminates situations in which a running turntable draws some of the cool air from a nearby one.
Cons of assembly
  • Outrageous price.


Surely, as you read this article, you have questions. For example, why are we avoiding graphics cards from AMD, or why is the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti so common?
The answer on the surface is pricing. AMD Radeon is too expensive in the overwhelming majority of cases, and only in the extremely budget segment do they make any sense. In the top end with such meager performance in RT rendering mode, AMD does not stand up to any competition at all.
But after all, you can play without RT, you say, and you will be right. However, who wants to pay about 200 thousand for a PC and at the same time infringe on themselves in any way in terms of graphics quality? Who wants to buy a card with a virtually non-working RT, knowing that the technology is being actively implemented in an increasing number of projects? That's right, nobody.
Now for the RTX 3070 Ti. Again, if we rely on the current balance of prices, we see this solution from NVIDIA as the most balanced. Not much more expensive than the tops of the previous generation in the face of the RTX 2070 Super or 2080 Super, but significantly cheaper than the senior graphics cards, for example, the RTX 3080.
But whatever one may say, with the current state of prices for GPUs, adequate assemblies still do not work. The GPU alone sometimes doubles the cost of the entire platform, and this is far from the limit. So we get out as best we can and, like you, look forward to the stabilization of the situation and the return of prices to normal.

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